Thanks, Reno Tahoe!

Ready to seize the day… and the night? Kayak all day and crowd surf all night in the city of no last call. Find inspiration and lose inhibition as you explore our city’s legendary nightlife. With events, concerts and much more happening every weekend, you won’t want to miss a thing. From rooftop craft brews to downtown dining, here you’ll elevate your night. Staying in is the only thing that’s off the table.

Reno Tahoe isn’t your basic vacation destination. It’s a collision of contrasts. This is where majestic mountains converge on high desert. Where wildlife meets urban grit. You can crowd surf all night and paddleboard all day. Support a start-up and down a craft brew. It’s where you can see, do and be near anything, as long as you’re fueled by ambition. So, what’s first?

Hardcore Leisure

If you’re looking for an awesome event to attend today, this weekend or in the coming months, look no further. The Reno Tahoe Events & Festivals brochure is chock-full of hundreds of unique, exciting and memorable experiences. Click on the image to browse the brochure.