Level-Up Your Festival Fashion Game

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Burning Man is not only known for the awe inspiring works of art around the playa but for the works of art on the burners; A.K.A. kick ass clothing! The great thing about burner style is that most of the configurations are purchased or made from items found at thrift shops or other discounted clothing stores, so It’s a good thing Reno is saturated with thrift shops and downright funky stores in general that have the perfect items for playa adventures.

There are a few items you absolutely need for Black Rock City. The good thing is that you can still purchase these and make them fit your personal style while also protecting yourself from the elements.

Things you want to look for first:

  • Goggles (cheapest to get online. Try
  • Dust mask (a durable scarf works)
  • Hat (to cover from the sun)
  • Comfortable boots
  • Warm jacket (for the cold, cold nights in the desert—it can sometimes drop down to freezing!)

Other than that, you can wear your birthday suit if you want (might get a little sunburnt on your bum though). If you are looking to cover up a little more, then take your pick from the following stores and get creative with your look! At these stores you will find the things listed above as well as an array of unique clothing options for a great deal… So, without further adieu, here are the best fun & funky burner apparel shops in the Reno area.

The list of thrifting in Reno doesn’t stop here, but we feel that these are the go to spots for burners. Get your shopping on to get your burn on! See you in the desert!

Melting Pot World Emporium and Smoke Shop: This counter culture store has been voted best clothing boutique and best place to shop for Burning Man by the Reno News & Review reader’s poll year after year. It’s locally owned and operated by a husband and wife team and features women’s and men’s clothing from around the world, smoking accessories, BRC gear like goggles and whippets, etc.

Culture: This modern fashion and accessories shop on the art walk in midtown offers unique styles of a burner’s dreams. They offer intricate and beautiful handmade pieces that are sure to bring a full expression of your culture to the playa. Take a peek at this dreamy video created by Culture and accept the offering.

The Chocolate Walrus: If you are looking for themed costumes that have a bit of a sexy flare to them, then Chocolate Walrus is for you. Try matching themes with your campmates and bring that extra sparkle to the Playa.

The Nest: This cute vintage and thrift shop has all sorts of cool clothing to rock on the playa. They even created a lookbook and added it to their website so you can get outfit ideas! Fun and affordable and away from the main stretch of Virginia Street, you can get your thrift on here away from the crowds.

Junkee: This vibrant clothing exchange is a 15,000 sq. ft. midtown shopping destination packed to the brim with awesome antiques and super fun clothing. The employees love to help pick out outfits, so it’s like having your own personal shopping buddy. They even have a whole section on their website about Burning Man. They’re attached to a cute little build-your-own ice cream sandwich shop called “Simple” so you can grab a treat while you treat yourself! Junkee is a MUST SEE for all those entering our fabulous city who seek to find a real glimpse of Reno



Plato’s Closet/Clothes Mentor: These resale clothing and accessories stores are side-by-side sister stores owned by our beloved Reno Mayor, Hillary Schieve. They’ve got aisles of funky and fun apparel for up to 50 to 70 percent off the retail price of the item. You could even sell some of your not-so-worn-anymore cute clothes and they will pay you cash or offer you double the amount in store credit on the spot. Voila! You have money to buy clothes for the burn! While Plato’s is known for catering to teens and is chock-full of colorful mall brands, Clothes Mentor is the ladies-only Spot for couture clothing and accessories for the most fashion conscious burners. Since moving to their new location by Trader Joe’s, their inventory has grown with their building size, making it easier for you to find the perfect items.

Goodwill: Talk about low prices. Goodwill offers clothing of all kinds for unreal prices that will make your wallet, the community, and yourself happy. Your money goes to support employment training, job placement services, financial education, and youth mentoring programs in and around the area, not to mention they don’t sell just clothing. You might find something perfect for your camp like a vintage loveseat, a fabulous fur (fur what?), a funky thermos or other Burning Man necessities as you peruse the chaotic aisles. Spend some time here and you could knock off a major chunk of your checklist.

Savers: This is a big, open store that is easy to navigate and has TONS of options, as well as two locations. Seriously, one aisle specifically made for jackets stretches across the whole store, perfect for those chilly playa nights. Better yet, you can find shirts/pants/jackets/boots here for as little as $3. See it to believe it!  



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