A lot has changed in Reno since last year’s Great Depressurization, and the cannabis scene is no exception. I have been writing about cannabis in Reno since the beginning of medical legalization in 2015 and gotten a good lay of the land.

A year ago, I would not say Sierra Well was the best dispensary in Reno. I awarded that title to another dispensary last year in a similar blog post for The Great Depressurization.

Now however, I’ll definitely say Sierra Well is the best dispensary in Reno, and it even rivals those in Vegas (especially in terms of customer service).

Let me explain why:


  1. Sierra Well has over 50 strains of cannabis and over 450 products on its menu — the largest selection in Reno. I did the numbers.
  2. Sierra Well has better deals.
  3. Show any Great Depressurization ticket and they’ll give you 15% off your purchase. (This discount can be used multiple times until the end of the official event September 10th!)
  4. All new customers get a penny pre-roll.
  5. Show your ticket for the burn, and get 10% off (multi-use okay.)
  6. Buy a Bloom Farms pen set ($67), and get an additional Bloom Farms cartridge for 20% off.
  7. Every time you spend $99, you’ll get a designated cannabis product for just $1. Dubbed the “99-and-1 deal” — it’s a great way to try new items on the menus.
  8. They also offer a competitive rewards program in which every dollar spent earns you 1 point you can later exchange for discounts.
  9. Home of the 1 gram pre-roll for just $10, and they have the best pre-roll deal in Reno at 3 full gram pre-rolls for just $27
  10. Buy any 1/8th of house flower, get an additional house pre-roll for just $1.
  11. Sierra Well gives back to the community.
  12. Sierra Well gave Reno’s only LGBT community center, Our Center, a $6,000 donation in August.
  13. Sierra Well raised over $10,000 in 6 hours this week in partnership with SRENE cannabis to donate to victims of Northern California fires.
  14. Sierra Well has always had an ongoing commitment to give back to important causes in the Northern Nevada community.
  15. Sierra Well supports local arts. In fact, Sierra Well is the main sponsor of this event — the Great Depressurization.
  16. Sierra Well expanded its Reno dispensary location with …
  17. 7 new point-of-sale registers
  18. A spruced-up showroom floor complete with cannapod bars and dab bars (so you can see and/or smell every strain of flower for sale at your own pace)
  19. A large fridge to peruse the edibles selection
  20. Lots of merchandising displays that showcase all the brands available in-store
  21. They provide cannabis education by participating in community events like Budtender Fight Club Reno — which strives to get Northern Nevadans jobs in the industry through education and networking.
  22. You can check in online through sierrawell.com before you arrive, so you can get in and out of the dispensary really fast.
  23. They offer online express pick-up before you get to the dispensary, and your order will be ready when you arrive. You can also order for delivery at sierrawell.com.

My top three products at Sierra Well:

  • Bloom Farms “anytime” vape kit (display above) – $67
  • Cannavative CBD gummiez – $30
  • 3 Sierra Well house pre-rolls for just $27

When Sierra Well closes at 9pm during the week and 6pm on Sundays, I shop at Reef in Sun Valley solely because they always have exotic/popular strains in stock. I picked up some Mimosa shatter there the other day by Reef’s in-house production, and it tasted exactly like OJ mixed with Champagne! It’s a different vibe than Sierra Well, but this dispensary will get the job done if you have any late-night needs.

Here’s a list of all the dispensaries in Northern Nevada:

Sierra Well

Pesha Numma

Greenleaf Wellness



Silver State Relief


The Dispensary