Reno Highlights: What’s the Best Dispensary?

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Silver State Relief

I always recommend Silver State Relief, even though it’s technically in Sparks. Silver State Relief has the best prices and highest quality cannabis in Northern Nevada. I’ve smoked 19-of-the-24 strains listed online at, and here are my top three:

1. White Widow: This might very well be the best marijuana available to legally buy in Northern Nevada. At $60 per 1/8th, it better damn well be. Go for a $12 pre-roll if you just want a taste. Sometimes they run out of this strain… just a fair warning.

2. Bio-Jesus: This is my grandma’s favorite strain, and she knows what’s up. It’s got a mid-level price at $45 per 1/8th, and you still get that “wow” factor from friends you smoke out.

3. Dream Star: I’ve probably smoked more Dream Star than any other legal strain. It’s clutch at $35 per 1/8th, and won’t get you “stuck on stupid” for the rest of the day. It’s a great wake-and-bake, and they seem to never run out of this strain.

Dispensaries in Reno area with locations and hours:

Silver State Relief
175 Greg St.
Mon. – Sun. 8AM – 7PM

Location #1 — 195 E. Glendale Ave.
Location #2 — 5105 Sun Valley Blvd.
Mon. – Sun. 8AM – 7PM

1085 S. Virginia St.
Fri. – Sat. 9AM – midnight, Sun. – Thurs. 10PM

Sierra Wellness Connection
1605 E. 2ND ST. #103
Sun. 10AM – 6PM
Mon. – Sat. 9AM – 9PM

5398 Sun Valley Blvd
Mon. – Sun. 8AM – 8PM

The Dispensary
100 W. Plumb Ln
Mon. – Sun. 8AM – 10PM

Greenleaf Wellness
1730 Glendale Ave
Mon. – Sun. 9AM – 7PM

132 E. 2ND ST.
Fri. 10-11PM, Sat. 9AM- 11PM
Sun. – Thurs. 10AM – 8PM

RISE Carson City
135 E Clearview Dr
Mon. – Fri. 11AM – 7PM,
Sat. & Sun. 10AM – 5PM

NuLeaf Lake Tahoe
877 Tahoe Blvd
Mon. – Sun, 11AM – 7PM


I grow marijuana and help with marketing at Cannavative. It’s a pharmaceutical-grade cultivation facility specializing in cannabis products that are sold at all of the dispensaries in Northern Nevada, which makes us a great resource for people in the area! I truly believe in the quality that Cannavative produces, and I haven’t seen a single bad review of Cannavative cannabis online. Here’s breakdown of some Cannavative products I enjoy:

Live Honeycomb Wax & Shatter:
Honeycomb gets the job done quick, and it’s versatile — dab it or sprinkle it like Salt Bae on a bowl of flower. Of the 10 different kinds of Cannavative Honeycomb on the Silver State Relief menu, I have tried seven. My personal favorite is the Black Cherry Soda for an uplifting day high, but if I want a nightcap I go with the Larry OG. Pick up a half-gram for about $30. If you prefer shatter, you can’t go wrong with the Afghan Haze. It’s my absolute favorite strain we grow at Cannavative.

Sativa/Indica Gummiez
These frosty neon gumdrops will immediately peak your interest if you like sour candy. You know that mischievous feeling you get while eating a bag of Sour Patch Kids? Imagine that times two! You’re about to party on a sugar high after three of these puppies.

CBD Gummiez
These are the same idea as the sativa/indica gummies in terms of taste. The difference is the CBD will provide an added soothing effect on your body. It’s almost like a tingly feeling for me! Several of my co-workers say the CBD Gummiez are great to eat similar to a one-a-day vitamin.

“We’re proud to offer our diverse line of Cannavative products at 100% of dispensaries in Northern Nevada,” Cannavative’s chief marketing officer Kristin Ehasz said. “Cannavative has a full line of CBD products, and we’re the largest producer of CBD Cannabis in the state.”


The Melting Pot World Emporium is the place to go if you want a head shop experience. They have an awesome building right in the heart of midtown, and it’s like walking into another world when you go inside — aromatic incense, psychedelic colors and patterns immediately soothe your senses. Melting Pot has always been a hub for playa prepping and decompressing. To think, they used to actually sell physical Burning Man tickets there! It’s not the greatest parking situation, but it’s walking or biking distance from The Great Depressurization resorts in Reno!

Sonny’s Phat Smoke is close to downtown (from the resorts, just take Fourth Street to Stoker Avenue, bang a right at Stardust Street, and it’ll be on your right). They have lots of parking (enough space for big RVs) and a liquor store/quickie mart next door. It’s not in the most picturesque building in Reno, but if you were worried about appearances, you wouldn’t be riding a sparkle pony in the desert would you? Sonny’s Phat Smoke’s counterpart in sparks, Happy Daze, is a good choice if you’re near the Nugget in Sparks!