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Reno FAQs

I hear you’ve upgraded to a new location? Where do I depressurize now?

We have seriously UPGRADED!! We are now at three connected properties: Eldorado Hotel and Casino, Silver Legacy Hotel and Casino, and the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino right in the heart of downtown Reno. These three properties are connected, so getting around between all the shows and happenings is easier than trying to bike across the Esplanade.

What about parking?

We have 3 giant parking garages and a large open lot too! No sweat there…PLENTY of FREE parking.

What do I do about parking my RV (her name is Stella)?

While our move has changed our parking slightly, we do have an outdoor lot for RVs only. You and Stella are all set!

How do I get there?

As you are driving through Reno on I-80, get off on the Virginia Street exit. The three biggest and most colorful buildings are us!

Thanks but it’s 2017 and I need an actual address to plug into my pocket robot.

Fine, we’ll make it reeeeeaaaaaally easy on you:

Eldorado: 345 N Virginia St, Reno 89501

Silver Legacy: 407 N Virginia St, Reno 89501

Circus Circus: 500 N Sierra St, Reno 89503

Why should I buy a room through your code?

Not only are our rates the cheapest you’ll find anywhere, but if you book any nights during the official event September 4th – 7th, you’ll receive two Multipass wristbands per room—your entry into all the music, parties, art and yoga for three days.

What if I need more than two wristbands?

Multipass wristbands granting access to the Depressurization festivities will also be available for purchase at any of the three properties at the box office or front desk. You can also purchase them online right here.

I’m absolutely famished, where would you recommend eating in the area?

Each of our properties have MANY onsite restaurants, or you can find more excellent recommendations from playafurgoddess69 on our blog.

My body is wrecked, where can I get a massage or take a spa day to unwind from the playa?

You’re gonna love this massive upgrade! All three days at the pool at the Eldorado Resort and Casino, will we have massage therapists working to make your transition a relaxing one. Also be sure to check the schedule for yoga classes each day in the Silver Baron room at Silver Legacy hosted by The Studio Reno.

Forgive me if my legs are a little sore from biking across the dusty plains, but I want to move as little as possible as I depressurize. What’s the easiest method of getting around?

You’re in luck, lazybones, because the three Reno resorts where most of the action happens are all connected, meaning you can go from your room to shows, yoga, the pool, music, and more without leaving the building. There’s also elevators to get you up and down with ease. No excuse for missing the party!

If you do happen to need to leave the resorts, the front desk would be happy to help you acquire a taxi, or Lyft and Uber also operate in Reno.

Supplies are critically low! Where is the nearest store? What about nearby ATMs?

Your hotel may actually have a store so you don’t need to leave! Check out Circus Circus shopping info, Eldorado’s local recommendations, and the stores in Grand Sierra. The nearest Wal-Mart is at 2425 E 2nd St, Reno, NV 89502, and there’s a CVS at 75 Pringle Way, Reno, NV 89502 or a Walgreens at 750 N Virginia St, Reno, NV 89501.


There are a bunch of nearby ATMs. You can ask the front desk of your hotel to direct you or search on Google Maps.

I’m local or staying elsewhere and just want to go to the shows, how do I do that?

You can purchase wristbands at the box office at any of the three properties between 10am-6pm, and at the front desks between 6pm – 10am, or online right here.

How do I know which shows the Multipass is good for?

They are only good for the shows at the Eldorado Resort and Casino, Silver Legacy Resort and Casino and Circus Circus Hotel Casino.

Is there a minimum number of nights I need to book to get the Multipass?

Nope! Each night booked at one of the hotels for September 4th – 7th comes with TWO Multipasses. It’s a pretty sweet deal. 

If I only booked a room for one night, and then decide it’s too awesome to leave and want to book another night, can I do that?

We’d love to keep you for longer! Unfortunately it may or may not be possible depending on room availability, call your hotel to check. Reno is known to sell out of rooms in the days surrounding Burning Man, so it’s wise to book for as long as you think you’ll want to stay and book as early as possible. You’ve got 3 more days of party in you, we believe in you!

What dates are there Depressurization parties and events happening?

The Great Depressurization officially runs from 10am on Monday the 4th thru noon on Thursday the 7th.

Is the wristband I get from a Reno hotel good for Montbleu?

No, Lake Tahoe is a separate deal, so choose where you’d like to Depressurize wisely. More info on the Montbleu offerings can be found below.

I refuse to get FOMO! Where can I find the schedule of events so I won’t miss the best parties?

Take a program when you arrive with the complete schedule inside, or you can pick one up at the Depressurization info HQ in Silver Legacy by the mining rig. You’ll also be able to find the schedule online, or you can download the program as a PDF!

What if I have a question about my room or hotel services?

Each hotel’s website & phone number are listed here. The front desk should be able to answer all your hotel questions!

So… um… how many pornos and bad decisions have been made in these hotels?

What happens in Reno stays in Reno, my friend, so we’ll leave that one up to your filthy imagination. 😉

Can I request a specific room, suite, or joined rooms so I can party with my friends?

It would be best to call in to reserve your rooms and ask the resort directly if you have special requests. Don’t forget to mention the Depressurization discount code when booking your room on the phone to get our special discount rates! Numbers and codes are listed here. But don’t worry, since all three properties are connected, no matter where you book, you’ll always be close to your friends.

Is wifi included with my room? What about breakfast?

Find out more about the hotel you’re staying at on their website: El Dorado, Silver Legacy, or Circus Circus.  

Purple flying unicorns?

We cannot deny or confirm this. They have not been seen previously. We do have a circus though. No poaching.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

NO! Don’t leave us! Ok, fine, if you must… You can find phone numbers for each hotel listed right here.

What if I want to vend my heady crafts?

We will have a vending area and we’re taking submissions here. Bring your headiest!

Is Depressurization just shows and parties? What if I just wanna chill?

Nah, we can do chill! Check out our yoga classes, schedule yourself a massage, or just hang out by the pool. Check out the Yoga and Sound Healing zone in the Silver Baron room at Silver Legacy, the schedule will have more details. There’s also plenty to explore around the area if you’re in need of some retail therapy or want to enjoy the great outdoors.

I am partied out. Can I pass my wristband on to someone else?

I mean, you could, but that’s kind of like stealing, which most of us hate when stuff is stolen from us. Please don’t be that guy. Security at each venue will be checking the integrity of each wristband.

Are there quiet hours at any of the hotels? If so, what are they? I do need to catch up on sleep…

These are big hotels. You’ll be fine… if there is any issue with sound, please contact the front desk.

I heard something about epic pool parties?! DEETS! I NEED THEM!

We’ll have TWO pools to satisfy your desires for relaxation, refreshment, fun and chill. At the Eldorado pool, massage therapists will be available to ease your weary dancing muscles. And at the Silver Legacy pool, the party will be bumping with the sounds of some of your favorite west coast crews, with Cabanas available as well.

So… I hear Nevada recently legalized cannabis. What are the laws for recreational / medical use? Where can I get the hookup?

Yes, we’ve finally joined the rest of the west coast and recreational use is legal for adults over 21! You can download the WeedMaps or Leafly apps to find local dispensaries, or we have a handy guide to our local favorites here. Remember not to partake before driving. Safety third and all that.

Tahoe FAQs

I can depressurize in Lake Tahoe?! Well that sounds nice…

Indeed! We’re expanding to include depressurization festivities and accommodations at the Montbleu resort, along with shuttles to beaches and easy bike rentals. It’s absolutely lovely.

Why should I buy a room through your code?

Because you’re smart and, let’s face it, your wallet is probably a bit drained especially if you’ve just been to the burn. Not only are our rates the cheapest you’ll find anywhere, but when you check in you’ll be given two wristbands per room that is your entry into ALL the music and the beach shuttle at the resort for three days!

Is the wristband I get from Montbleu also good for the parties in Reno?

No, Lake Tahoe is a separate deal, so be sure to check out our Reno and Tahoe pages for more info and choose where you’d like to Depressurize. More info on the Reno offerings can be found above.

I’m a Tahoe local or staying elsewhere and just want to go to the shows, how do I do that?

You can purchase wristbands at the box office at Montbleu between 10am-6pm, and at the front desk between 6pm – 10am. They are also available online here.

What about parking? Available for RVs?

There is a large open air parking lot and parking garage. We’ve got you covered!

Is there a minimum number of nights I need to book to get the wristband?

Nope! Wristbands are included when you book any one night or more between the 4th and 7th.

What dates are there Depressurization parties and events happening?

The Great Depressurization officially runs from 10am on Monday the 4th thru noon on Thursday the 7th.

I refuse to get FOMO! Where can I find the schedule of events so I won’t miss the best parties?

Take a program when you arrive with the complete schedule inside. You’ll also be able to find the schedule on our site, or you can download the program as a PDF!

Is wifi included with my room? What about breakfast? What if I need to cancel my reservation?

Get in touch with Montbleu and they can answer all your questions. You can find contact info on our Lodging page.

How do I get there?

The address for Montbleu is: 55 Hwy 50, Stateline, NV 89449

What other activities are going on in the area that you recommend I check out?

You’re in Tahoe, check out that LAKE! Montbleu offers shuttle services to Zephyr Cove and Round Hill beaches running every two hours, free with your Multipass. You can also use the LimeBike app to locate a rental bike you can use to explore the area. Use the app to locate a nearby bike, use the bike at killer rates, and leave it wherever you land when you’re done. Learn more about the area here.

What’s the best way to get around Tahoe?

Your Multipass wristband includes shuttle services to the beach. And since you’re already used to biking around the playa, check out the LimeBike app to locate rental bikes. Learn more here.

My body is wrecked, where can I get a massage or take a spa day to unwind from the playa?

Montbleu has a full-service spa and salon where you can schedule treatments or massages, use the fitness center, saunas or hot tubs, and get alllllllllll the last bits of playa off of you. Your Multipass wristband gets you 10% off spa treatments! Learn more about what’s available here.

Are there any pool parties at the Tahoe Depressurization?

We don’t need no pool, we’ve got a LAKE! Take the shuttle to Zephyr Cove or Round Hill and enjoy the beauty of nature. Or relax in the spa at Montbleu. Once you’ve had enough relaxation, there are parties in Tahoe at the Opal Nightclub and the HQ at Montbleu. Check the schedule for set times here.

I’m absolutely famished, where would you recommend eating in the area?

You’re in luck! You won’t have to leave Montbleu for several great dining options. Check out their onsite restaurants here.

General FAQs

What are the date ranges that these special rates are good thru?

The special rates found on our site are available NOW – discounts are good August 1st all the way thru September 15th, in case you really need some time to depressurize properly.

When do festivities kick off? And when do I really gotta get back to the default world?

There will be music and programming 24 hours a day from Monday, September 4th at 10am to Thursday, September 7th at noon. You’ve got 72 hours to keep the party alive! Or you could always stick around a bit longer, we don’t mind. 

Is this party only for burners?

Absolutely not! In fact more and more “non-Burners,” “Burners on hiatus” and “jaded Burners” are joining us every year. It’s a great way to get your dose of inspiring burner energy even without having to douse yourself with dust. Plus you’ll be even fresher and ready to rage having not been partying for a week straight already. Aren’t you a smarty pants?

Are there volunteer opportunities available? What about vending?

We are indeed looking for volunteers. Please fill out this application to be considered for a volunteer position in exchange for a Multipass to access all the shows! And we also have some vendor spots open! You can apply to vend here.

Speaking of 3am tacos, what are my options for late-night food while Depressurizing?

All the casinos have restaurants, some of which are open late night. In Reno, Golden Flower Vietnamese is open until midnight. Noble Pie is open until 2am or later some nights, and they deliver!

Will there be free water provided at the shows?

Yep, all the casinos have drinking fountains. You can ask for water at the bars as well. Keep that playa habit up and stay hydrated so you can party longer!

Can I bring my own leftover booze from the burn to any of the Depressurization events?

Internet Cat Video Festival GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

You can and should bring them to your room and enjoy them there when not at one of our parties though.

What about the glow hoop I fell in love with at the burn and simply can’t dance without?

Sorry, but this ain’t the playa — all the venues will be too small to have space for flow toys. Bodies are the new props. 😉  

This year is my first burn. Any tips to help me avoid being a Sparkle Pony and be prepared so I’ll still have some energy left for Depressurization?

Burning Man has an excellent First-Timer’s Guide with tons of useful resources for noobs like you. (It’s cool, we’ve all gotta be noobs at some point). Also make sure to read the 2017 Survival Guide and our very own PlayaFurGoddess69’s amazing guide.

On the way to the burn I got the most epic costume idea, any recommendations for playa wear, costumes, or thrift stores that will help complete this creative vision?

The Reno-Tahoe area is full of amazing costume shops and thrift stores! Check out Plato’s Closet, Junkee, the Melting Pot, and Polyesther’s Costume Boutique in Reno, or Connie’s Clothesline in South Lake Tahoe. We’ve also got lots more suggestions in this guide to upleveling your festival fashion game. Bring on the WEIRD!  

I left Burning Man with a nasty case of playa foot, or worse… Where can I get it checked out so I can continue the party?

Renown Hospital has a very good ER services. Feel better soon and come back to the party when you’re back in action!

Are there local businesses who cater to burners? Any special deals for playa citizens?

It’s Reno so they kinda all do. But it might be wise to wear a bit more than pasties while you support our lovely local businesses. Some of our favorite local haunts are listed in this lovely Reno guide. 

Call me crazy, but I brought my kids to the playa. Can I also bring them to Depressurization events?

You’re definitely crazy. But in the best possible way! We wish our parents were as cool as you… Children are welcome at our participating hotels, but all Depressurization events are 21+. A babysitter might be a good idea!

As for fur-kids (aka dogs), there’s actually a hound hotel at Circus Circus.

I’m broke, but I do tend to be lucky! Any chance you’re giving away any rooms?

We hear that. And YES, you ARE lucky, because we’ll have several opportunities for you to WIN a free night at one of the resorts and more! We’re still choosing winners from our VIP Suite Giveaway, just complete our survey to enter. You can also keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram profiles for giveaways!

Who organizes this thing?

The folks at Fresh Bakin’ – a local company who throws Reno area events throughout the year, in partnership with our hosts at Circus Circus, Eldorado, Silver Legacy, and Montbleu, and our sponsors, welcome you to Depressurize!

I’m never going to remember all of this. Do you have an email newsletter I can sign up for?

We sure do. You can sign up for the Fresh Bakin’ newsletter at the bottom of our website.

Staying Elsewhere?


Access ALL music, beer tasting and yoga venues in Eldorado Resort & Casino, Silver Legacy Resort Casino and Circus Circus Resort!